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Meaning and pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton The correct pronunciation of the unpronounceable name. The Tetragrammaton is an acronym, and means the society.

The destruction of humanity by drought before the Flood Major controversy of the two accounts of creations resolved. The account of man's creation from earth is misreading. A drought, not the Creation took place 5767 years ago.

Cain, the prototypical good guy.

How Judaic is the circumcision? Not at all.

The real custom of Pesach  Baked, not leavened food is prohibited. Contrary to the tradition, meat and wine are prohibited.

Women, similar to wives Linguistic evidence for the contempt of polygamy in the Hebrew Bible

Isaiah 53 The only correct translation. A new format for translations. Very unorthodox meaning.

Conjectures on dubious biblical accounts

Some doubts about atheism